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Céline Bak photoCéline Bak is the President of Analytica Advisors

Canada’s clean-technology industry is the nation’s first new industry of the 21st Century.  It directly employs more than 55,000 people in more than 800 firms that use market forces to advance social and environmental goals.  It is a highly competitive, innovation-led industry that is committed to exporting and investing heavily in global-scale commercialization.

Source: Analytica Advisors 2017 Canadian Clean Technology Industry Report
clean-tech imageVancouver is home to Canada’s highest concentration of clean-tech companies.

KPMG predicts that BC’s clean-tech sector will generate revenue of $2.9 billion in 2017, a 61% increase from 2016’s $1.8 billion.

Growth in the clean-tech sector depends on continued innovation and lower prices because success for companies depends on their green alternatives working better and being cheaper than their conventional counterparts.

Source: Albert van Santvoort, Business in Vancouver, May 23-29, 2017


tarnished brand

"We totally screwed up," Michael Horn, Volkswagen’s US chief executive, said (Oct-2015), admitting that the company had deliberately fitted deceit devices to 11 million of its cars to cheat emissions tests.

As Mark Borkowski, the founder of borkowski.co.uk, says:

"In this day and age, you can’t get away with obfuscating the truth. What shocks me more than anything else is that VW felt they were powerful enough to get away with it."