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No better comment today than the remarkable people who have written the books in an effort to make the world a better place for all.


Social media is nothing less than a giant ad revenue juggernaut. As Martin Sorrell has pointed out recently Facebook and Google account for over 75% of digital advertising. To claim that they are simply technology companies with little responsibility for the content that is shared on them is not acceptable.

Clearly Facebook and Google-owned Youtube are used in different ways to traditional media and the scale of moderating is enormous. Yet given the amount that is being invested by these companies in their channels the lack of resource being put into content policing is striking.

In the case of Facebook much of the hard legwork is outsourced to moderation sweatshops in the Philippines where vast quantities of data are screened for content that could be classed as violent, pornographic or offensive.

While there is a second tier of screening in home territories for harder to call cases it is still a Promethean task. Yet calls for a pre-moderation screening, which would involve developing more sophisticated detection algorithms, have so far fallen on unreceptive ears.

Source/credits: Mark Borkowski
Posted March-22-2017




This is a photo of "Cecil", the lion shot and wounded by crossbow fired by American dentist Walter Palmer in July 2015 and then shot, killed, skinned and beheaded for trophies two days later.

Photo of Cecil the lionCecil the lion. Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe. Photo credit: Vince O’Sullivan



Humane and community groups seek action to protect public health and animals.