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The world’s water has never been under greater pressure, with unprecedented demands for use in human consumption, agriculture, industry and power generation.

Global Forest Watch (GFW) is an online forest monitoring and alert system that uses satellite technology and cloud computing to track tree cover loss around the world in near-real time at as high as 30-meter resolutions—an area roughly the size of two basketball courts.
Authors: Yiyuan Qin and Todd Gartner,
World Resources Institute wri.org
photoTodd Gartner is a Senior Associate for the World Resources Institute’s Food, Forests & Water Program.
photoYiyuan Qin is a Research Analyst, Natural Infrastructure For Water, World Resources Institute

Since the end of the round-the-world flight (July-2016), the team has been busy setting up the first of its kind World Alliance for Clean Technologies that was launched in Marrakesh on November-11-2016.

The first ROUND-THE-WORLD solar flight!

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On July 26, 2016, Solar Impulse made it full circle around the world, proving that clean technologies can really achieve the impossible.

photo of solar-powered plane

The Alliance defines clean technologies as:

Any practical solution that allows to bridge the gap between ecology and economy. They are not limited to the production of renewable energy, but encompass technologies, systems, know-hows or processes that protect the environment, improve health, increase energy efficiency or save natural resources, while creating jobs, generating profit and sustaining growth.