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Although there are no reliable estimates of total losses, illustrating the need for better research and data, every 10 per cent of investment that is lost to corruption implies annual losses to the (water) sector in excess of US$ 75 billion; some guesstimates put potential losses many times higher
Source: Executive Summary of Water Integrity Global Outlook 2016.

At the May-12-2016 Anti-Corruption Summit in London, forty countries signed up to general principles and signed a global declaration, and some made specific country commitments.

Transparency International welcomes the spirit of commitment and will look at all the fine print to see how we as civil society can ensure that words turn into actions.


economic inequality

"Greater equality improves health and life expectancy and dramatically reduces the frequency of a wide range of social problems, including violence, incarceration, illiteracy, mental illness, and drug addiction."



recycleAll you need to know to recycle a product in BC, Canada.

Everything from medications and packaging to electronics to used paints, tires, oil and antifreeze.