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The human body and its nervous system have not evolved to tolerate the onslaught of bad news and emotionally traumatizing information and images that are part and parcel of mainstream news.  Focusing only on doom and gloom is neither an accurate depiction of reality nor a healthy practice.  Remember that for every terribly depressing news story, there is an uplifting one.  The good is just as real as murder, assault, kidnapping, or war.

And believe me, once you start looking for the good, you will see it everywhere.  Shift your focus now.  Limit the amount of negative news coming into your consciousness.  Look for good news, uplifting ideas, and reminders that people are looking out for each other and the earth and her creatures.  As a daily spiritual practice, laugh often and look for the magic of everyday life.  Understand that the more joyful you feel, the more you will uplift the entire world.  Joy and laughter replenish you at a cellular level, so go for the comedy in life, not the tragedy.

/ Christiane Northrup, M.D., author

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Governments, companies and institutions must urgently adopt more ambitious environmental and energy policies.  They should stop compromising for minimal targets, but rather should base their negotiations and objectives on the reality of what clean profitable technologies can offer today - not only for future generations, but for the current benefit of people, industry and the planet.

After the round-the-world solar flight (completed July-2016), the team set up the first of its kind World Alliance for Efficient Solutions that was launched in Marrakesh on November-11-2016.


    photo Mark BorkowskiMark Borkowski

    December, 2018

    Sometime soon we must place humanity before the daily demands of tech clickbait and begin to open proper discourse on the issues that are shaping a confused and disrupted world.  For good ideas and true innovation, there is a need for human interaction, conflict, argument, debate, not smartarse comment to attract more retweets.

    The future is in desperate need of leaders to decode a baying mob now vulnerable to the charms of a charismatic demagogue.  There is not time to look back and remember those who touched our human feelings.

    We need time to forge raw material, the vital element for renewed growth. Let us demand the soul of brilliant debate and true leadership.


Whether it’s counting the future world population, quantifying the deaths following Chernobyl, preventing independent research on GMOs, or determining the safety or the effectiveness of just about any product, including pharmaceuticals and basic foodstuffs, or even identifying the root causes of human disease, powerful interests routinely succeed in influencing science: what is studied, what is published, and what is reported. When that happens, individuals (or policymakers) no longer have the information to decide rationally and choose thoughtfully. Society becomes dysfunctional at a fundamental level. IndependentScienceNews.org

The natural world demands a response beyond scientific insight.
The natural world demands a response that rises from the wild unconscious depths of the human soul.