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In the Now Economy, no market is secure, no individual or brand is above criticism, and whole tectonic plates can shift on the words of one idiot on Twitter. Perhaps ‘twas ever thus, but if it was, we didn’t realize it until recently.
Posted: April, 2017

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Mark Borkowski: MarkBorkowski.co.uk

Whether it’s counting the future world population, quantifying the deaths following Chernobyl, preventing independent research on GMOs, or determining the safety or the effectiveness of just about any product, including pharmaceuticals and basic foodstuffs, or even identifying the root causes of human disease, powerful interests routinely succeed in influencing science: what is studied, what is published, and what is reported. When that happens, individuals (or policymakers) no longer have the information to decide rationally and choose thoughtfully. Society becomes dysfunctional at a fundamental level. IndependentScienceNews.org